Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Don't Want To Go Home - Marqus Blakely

Marqus Blakely wearing San Mig Coffee's white uniform in a Finals game in Governor's Cup 2013
If you will read the list of Imports for the current PBA conference. You will notice that his name has the smallest height in the tally. 6'5" s'ya mga tol.

If you will make time to read the box-score of Purefoods vs Global port game last Friday. You will see these numbers beside his name, 26 points, 19 rebounds. 7 blocks. Almost a triple-double. 

Actually, the first thing that cross my mind when I heard that he will be the temporary import of Purefoods, I thought, dehado sa height, baka hindi kayanin. But when I saw him made a three point shot, grabbed 19 rebounds and just missed one free-throw that game. Men, we should make him stay!

Here is a guy, who knows the system very well. Knows the team for so long (I will not get surprise if he already shared an Ice-cream with Joe Devance)Became one of the reasons of 2 championships of the team's 4-peat. Beside the fact that his contract will just take 2-3 games, he still giving Purefoods so many reasons why they should keep him. 

Tonight, in his 'virtual' last game vs Alaska. He scored 17points and 11 rebounds. Double-Double is the best two words in sports for him, no doubt.

Every game he bring-up huge numbers. Suffer a lot of bumps inside the paint (bumps with the floor are not included). But I don't think he used salonpas for body-pains. Because literally and figuratively, his body is made of titanium.

What more can we ask for? A 6'5" player who rebound like a 6'9". With a titanium body combined with energy who can light up the whole Farmers plaza. Who is so familiar in any aspects of the team. I wish, Purefoods franchise should give him a permanent Philippine-address and keep him forever. You agree?

And if you still find a person who doubt Mr. Blakely. Pakisabi nalang, "huy si Mr. Everything s'ya".