Monday, November 7, 2011

Two upcoming Sunday will be great

Two upcoming Sunday will be a spectacular day for a Sports fan in the Philippines. (Nov. 13 & Nov. 20)

The first Sunday that will come is the day that Manny Pacquiao will face up Juan Manuel Marquez for their trilogy showdown.

Everyone expect Manny to win a knockout to Marquez, Favors is on his hand.

And that is also the time that commercial of Boysen, Alaxan, Ginebra San Miguel, Bmeg Premium etc. will be aired over and over again. Like Christmas this is also a rare moment cause it only happens twice a year.

The second Sunday is for me and for all the Bmeg and Ginebra fans in this oval world.

You know, every time this two team will have a match, it should have been the main event and it should have been Sunday.

And every time Ginebra and Bmeg will face one another is seems like it's a playoff's match

Big crowd yelling for their bet, and the Stadium should have an attendance in the General Admission seats.

Yeah right this is the two most Popular team in the PBA.

Done. I will just have to wait at the two Sunday to come.
Thanks for Reading!