Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh Men I'm Reading

                                    So far eto yung may best Strip sa lahat ng meron ako

Last year's December I bought a comic book titled "Pugad Baboy" it's the 18th book released by the name itself and for the first time nagbasa ako. I do not really had the time that I am reading I think the last time that I read a book is when i was in High School?? yeah that's right I think my Filipino teacher told me to read El Filibusterismo that time. I remember having read some chapters of  Noli me tangere  and some of  El Filibusterismo. (especial mention DIKONG IGE)hahaha I had just love the name since then, so funny.

After I bought the book (Pugad Baboy 18) I did not have the interest to read the whole book from the page 1 to the last. I think I am like many others in this respect. for though I haven't completed reading the books, I must have heard some bits and pieces of them from other people's version of what they've read or heard.

But one day I am luckily do not have an option on what should I do, that time the programs on TV was sucks and it's not my time to go on my computer, and in a seconds I see the book on top of our TV so I decided to pick it (and I whispered to my self) "Ok I will read this one". after that I found that reading this book is not corny! It's full of appreciation and since that time I had not stop reading strips from strips and every time I will go on SM I always go inside the National Bookstore hahaha

I like the good-natured camaraderie among the residents — the Punch and Judy antics of Tomas and Barbie, the running banter between Mang Dagul and Brosia (regarding his baldness and her intellect); Brenda’ s love for shopping; the kids wisecracking in class with Ms. Nobatos; Bab wooing Tiny; Ka Noli and Tomas’ friendship; and the regular drinking sessions — and how they all pull together when the situation calls for it.

My peeves: the lack of white space — the comics are too crammed and it gets hard to read after a while; and the paper — because the comics are pen and ink, you can see through on either side.

 TOMAS also known as Sarge 
(M/Sgt. Tomas Sabaybunot) my Favorite Character off all his strips make me laugh specially the "Col. Manyakis" Strips (from Pugad Baboy 8) one of his content in the books

                                                      So far I have 6 books out of 23

Pugad Baboy (roughly translated: Swine’s Nest) by Pol Medina, Jr., is one of the Philippines’ most famous and longest-running comic strip on a daily broadsheet (Philippine Daily Inquirer).
As described in the foreword of one of the books, the comic series is about “a community of fatsos and a dog named Polgas.”
Written in colloquial Filipino, the series features the neighborhood and the interactions of its residents, everyday domestic situations, political issues, and current events.

Fact: all character in this comics are obese people - "fat as pigs", so to speak (baboy is Tagalog for pig). ayun Pugad Baboy lol xD