Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Differentiate "Manny" to "Money"

Floyd is ranked behind pacquiao on every single recognized pound for pound list. on top of that ring magazine named pacquiao boxer of the decade. is it enough to deal with it???...


To be honest, doesn't matter who's fan you are, if you genuinely think either pacquiao or mayweather "suck" or whatever, you are not a boxing fan. i'm a pacquiao fan, (and I'm a Filipino.) more in terms of how amazing he is as a human being more than anything else, but i just wanna see a fight between them before either one of them is out of their prime, and i'm starting to question whether mayweather's still in his prime judging by his last 2 performance.

To me Manny is 1 of the biggest proud we had in boxing. (I'm not bias) He constantly fights well known boxers that are weight drained, coming off loses or past their peak and paper belts to appear great. Boxers put their lives on the line every time they step into the ring they have the right to know who their getting into the ring with. Steroids don't give you boxing skills but they do make you take shots you couldn't handle before or not get tired easily. this is what I see in Manny his boxing skills are basic at best. His not using any drugs at all, even tho he take alaxan every after fight. xD

Floyd.jr vs DelaHoya: split decision. Pacquiao vs Delahoya: 9th round TKO. floyd.jr vs. Hatton: 9th TKO. Pacuiao vs hatton: 2nd KO. i think Mayweather is nothing if it competed with Pacquiao . Because Manny has been Able to beat top-class boxers but the only thing to argue is all those guys is a Mayweather's left overs and now Manny will face on another Floyd's ex!. Mosley. 

Floyd a living COWARD?? 

Floyd is a living coward. he is the biggest coward in boxing and even espn says it. and some fans says floyd will better fight a woman for free but wont fight pacquiao for $20 million dollars. Floyd has ducked and dodged the best for a long time and he is being called a coward by everyone. to be the best you gotta beat the best... not duck the best.  ok im sure we all agree that Floyd is definitely not a model citizen ducking here ducking there wracking womens panty in all night and slap their face anytime he want . but inside the ring he's unstoppable. and to the people who are gonna say "he's a puss he wont fight pacman!". He's made his point already, when pacmans off the juice and willing to take a test to prove it, then its a fair fight-so Mayweather better fight him or thats when you can decide he's a pussy. He has never lost!? when they fight and if and only if he loses can you make an argument he's not the best right now.

BUT Considering boxing as the technique only, Floyd is the best. Considering boxing as heart and the will to fight Paquiao is the number one. What everyone wants is those 2 styles colliding. But gotta take hat to Mayweather, he's the most skilled boxer in history, the way he connects is way out of this world, he's a natural born boxer.