Sunday, April 24, 2011

Virus messages gets in to Chat-box

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Nowadays I or rather we experiencing an disturbing moment in facebook, some boys, some girls, some of our friend in facebook is sending us a message that contain virus. Facebook says the virus is technically a trojan worm that disguises itself as an email from  I've been a victim of this virus before I clicked the link then my online friends receiving that message too without my action to chat with them.

Caused: Irresponsible people

Effect: Tsunami

This virus message is seems like the chain message in texting some numbers on your phone book sending you cheap text messages that in the end there were saying pass this message to 20 jejemon people

Ex: Birthday ko ngayon pass this to 10 people to become invited

I have a three words to avoid this message:
"Don't mind It" very simple just do not mind those guys sending that H1N1 virus like you didn't mind City Ville's requests on your facebook notification.

This is an edit picture but this is not impossible

(If you receive a Facebook message (or a Facebook message alert in your email) with a questionable subject line, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE BODY!)

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