Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Volleyball Chix

So while the majority of the guys will focus on Rachel Anne Daquis and Gretchen Ho for their Volleyball chix bet, allow me to introduce mine. My dear, Michele Gumabao. This DLSU lady spiker just got my attention as often as she shown by the camera. Yeah, it has been a 'Love at first watch'.

Bare with me, I can honestly say; it's more fun to watch a volleyball game, when the ladies are the players. Yes, that statement was out of bias. I think majority would agree on that.

So why guys enjoying watching a women's volleyball game?. Haha So be it, I mean it, the factor of that the players are playing with a short-shorts, allowing more exposure to their legs; showing how flawless is the girl is one of the reasons, Aha. And of course the excitement!. I know, many would agree that the excitement on the court is much higher when it's a women's volleyball game. And for me, sporty girls are really-really has more appeal than those pa-kikay lang.

So why Michele?, it has nothing to deal with the Beatles song of the name, but I can say the three repeated phrase of the first line of chorus in the song for her. Haha

Anyway, Michele?, she doesn't have big boobs as far as I know her, I don't think she has bellies on top of her belt as well. But you know, sometimes you admire players not just by the look, but by means of how they play their game. 

And she....... sometimes I see her like a boyish girl on the floor but  there is one thing I know............. she's a supreme CHIX! ↓↓↓

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