Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Excited for Pirates of the Caribbean 4

I have been waiting 4 years for this movie to come out. I can't wait the movie looks awesome. and I can say I have never wanted to see a movie more than I want to see this one. promise. 

Captain. Jack Sparrow

My favorite film franchise in modern cinema...and my favorite movie character ever, Jack Sparrow FTW! there he is ===============>>>

i know years or decades from now, there would be attempts of a remake of the Pirates series, but i know there will be no other man can beat the drama of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow! His face, his mustache, his dressing, his look is a trademark in the eye of the people.

the best movie in the world!!!!!!!!!! best motion picture best characters and awesome story. haha lol I just been a big fan since I'd watched Curse of the Black Pearl. 

It will be a highest grosser this year. This On Stranger Tides and the harry Potter's Deathly Hallows part 2 will be the best movie this year!. Avatar is just an overrated and it doesnt deserve to be the number 1 grossing film ever. (sorry for the fans) Pirates 4 has a significant chance of beating avatar. Pirates 2 is the number 4 grossing movie ever so if you throw in the 3rd and this pirates 4 will have than it should at least be a huge threat to avatars record.

This trilogy (not any more) is almost as epic as Lord of the Rings and my anticipation levels for this movie are over 9000!!!!11one :)

their cruise ship :D
on pirates caribbean 5,their voyage is about finding the "ONE PIECE"

They put Mermaids in it.
Been waiting for mermaids to be in this series since it started. It's an ocean adventure (sana nga may shokoy din) Glad it's finally happening . Can't wait till this comes out :D! Looks awesome.

Is it just me or does one of those mermaids look seriously like Taylor swift? lol haha I just wish that Taylor will wear mermaid suits.  how i wish she is the one of the mermaids there in the photo above. :)

No Keira knightley and Orlando Bloom

No orlando bloom he's like a vital character....still....ok.....i­t would still be better. but honestly i am extremely disappointed that will and Elizabeth aren't in this movie Knightley and Bloom refused to do the 4th movie, that's why they're not in it...

That's Blackbeards daughter. She replaces the official role of Elizabeth Swann. But that doesn't mean that she is Elizabeth. at the end of the third movie jack had the map to the fountain of youth, have you all even seen the movie? Will and Elizabeth are not going to be in it cause there's nothing more to tell about them, Will's stuck on the Dutchman and Elizabeth has to stay with her son, maybe they'll be in the next movie, who knows Remember when Will died? Jack placed the dagger in Will's hand and then made Will stab Davy Jones' heart, so Will became the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Only once every ten years can he come up on shore and see his love... Elizabeth. I don't know why she isn't with Jack. I guess she wanted to stay where Will could easily find her.

but probably this movie is the story of Jack Sparrow the Tale of Jack there's no doubt he is the main man. we've just missing the two because we've seen them in the last 3 part. 

Jack Sparrow -is- Pirates of the Carribean. The franchise can easily stand solid so long as Johnny Depp retains that key role. Bloom and Knightley were just... 'filler' in the previous films. That it's also keeping interesting characters like Barbosa in it is a massive plus - Geoffrey Rush is one hell of an actor! Really looking forward to this next installment.
but don't be sad, because the part five is going to be awesome they add "Straw Hat" Luffy in the cast and they will find the One piece :)

Even if I have a strong feeling that in 2050 I might heard about Pirates of the Caribbean 32 : The lost Island of Boracay, I might still give it a try. lol

tomorrow is the DAY let's go!!

the photos are from:  Pirates of the Caribbean facebook fanpage