Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amazing Weekend because of Basketball

I think everyone now knows what happened this last Saturday and Sunday, (Kung hindi mo alam, malamang tulog ka) MVP sports foundation was the key to success in this event. 2 consecutive days of full excitements, amaze feelings and BASKETBALL. and this event knew as the "Smart Ultimate All-Star Weekend' that happened inside the Basketball Capital of the Philippines "Araneta Coliseum"

It's unbelievable to see Kobe Bryant on your front but what can you say if 9 superstars from the greatest Basketball league in the world will be play, shoot or Dunk together in one of the greatest moment in Philippine Sports History.

First DAY
Basketball fans here in the Philippines was so lucky to have the moment to see Superstars from Philippine's Best (PBA) and from the World's best (NBA) together in one court in Saturday night. And as all expected the MegaSuperstars of Basketball won the game in a lead of more than 20pts.

James Yap and Kobe Bryant
The game can describes as an exhibition game, a lot of dunks (as expected) crossover plays and Alley oop plays saw that night. the only bad thing after the game is when the comments of the observers come out. some are good as positive and some are badly as the Dark Lord Sauron :D. Obviously the two teams separated is a mismatch in terms of Height including Weight, athleticism and Physicality of two races. but some people did not appreciated it even that team(PBA) must have a support they just gave them a boo. but I know those talking bad like that in Philippine Basketball are people that knows nothing about Sports or even Basketball.
The two man in the picture above are the main man of that two teams. James Yap for PBA and in the other side is Kobe Bryant. Kobe scored in the game but James finished the game scoreless. day after that when I go on school my classmate boos me. and he said "Wala pala James Yap mo eh" and I just laughed after that. There are reasons why he did not play well that night, and I can give some. (1) That game is only a Exhibition game, even if he played hard I think they cannot beat the NBA stars. (and obviously the PBA All-Stars is an underdog team that night) (2) He just reserved his energy for a very important game than that game. (His team is on a Semifinal round right now) (3) Friday after that night he has a game, Saturday meron din at kinabukasan meron ulit.

Second DAY
The main Event of the Ultimate All-Star Weekend is the face-off among NBA All-Star and our very own National team "Smart Gilas Pilipinas" this time the game is serious but sometimes funny because of the 3 Gentlemen Commentators of the game. I just laughed, laughed and laughed after some lines of Mr. Mico Halili that night specially in the time when Javale McGee missed a Lay-up under neath the Basket and Jimmy are on McGee's back and He says "Oh McGee bothered by the defense of Jimmy Alapag" (natawa ako kasi wala namang ginawa si Jimmy that time) hahaha WTH Javale i think has 13 inches taller than Jimmy tho.
Syempre sa isang Basketball game ay hindi mawawala ang mga Slam-Dunk lalo na sa mga players ng NBA team pero mas nakakataba naman ng puso sa tuwing nakikita ko na ang gumagawa ng Dunk ay nakasuot ng Gilas Uniform.

In that event I heard a lot of cheer and there are three cheers that cannot forget by my mind. the First One when former President Joseph Estrada's face showed in the Big Dome's big screen then everyone shouted "ERAP! ERAP! ERAP!" the Second one when Manny pacquiao Enter the Big Dome then the whole Smart Araneta Coliseum saying "Manny! Manny! Manny!" and the last one happened inside the last four minutes mark of the game when Gilas made a Run. then the whole Big Dome seems like the home court of the team when every sounds that you here is cheering Gilas by "Defense! Defense! Defense!".

And after this blog finish let me ask ask you one question, do you think that this Gilas vs NBA is more interesting to watch than NBA All-Star Weekend (East vs West) for me YES!.

If your answer is NO Check it out again by watching it here


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All photos are from: "The smart ultimate all star weekend facebook fanpage": http://www.facebook.com/Smart.Ultimate.AllStarweekend.DA.BEST