Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nonito Donaire vs JuanMa Lopez, When?

Juan Manuel Lopez and Nonito Donaire Jr.
I think this fight will be the next big thing in boxing follow to Pacquiao vs Mayweather match that maybe will not gonna happen because floyd's mouth is always saying excuses, anyway back to this match. If you are going to ask people to list down their top 5 boxing matches that they want to see I am pretty sure that "Nonito Donaire vs Juan Manuel Lopez" will be there somewhere. And If you will ask my opinion my first match is of course the match of Pacquiao vs Mayweather, 2.) Donaire vs Lopez, 3.) Mayweather vs Cotto 4.) Martinez vs Mayweather and Gamboa vs Donaire.

Donaire and Lopez are probably two of my favorite fighters right now. I'd definitely want to see them both in the ring. But this fight can be happen in 2013, why? yes they are both in their prime right now but the only problem is they are separated by their own weight class right now. Juan Manuel Lopez is in his confident 126lbs Featherweight Division in the other hand Nonito Donaire is still in 118lbs which is Bantamweight division. and Donaire said that He want to clear that division first he want to became undisputed in 118 weight class.

The Featherweight division is the division where Manny Pacquiao raised up and there are many fighters there that have been exposed to the public and are relatively known. There was the boxer who defeats Juan Manuel Marquez in 2006 who is the Indonesian Chris John. Juan Ponce De Leon who knocked out Rey Boom Boom Bautista in the first round of their meeting is also there. and the undefeated Yuriorkis Gamboa who knocked out Orlando Salido who defeat Juan Manuel Lopez via TKO in JuanMa's previous fight.

BUT the man of the Featherweight division is still Juan Manuel Lopez. Nonito should set his sight on to Lopez but first I will recommend to him to fight 2 of the 4 names that I've mentioned. Winning against two of them can get the attention of Juan Manuel Lopez.

Who's my bet to win this one? This is without of bias. Donaire and Lopez are both great fighter but different in styles of boxing. They are both only having one loss. but I will bet Donaire in this fight I saw two fighters down because of his devastating left hand the first one is to Vic Darchinyan and the second one is to Fernando Montiel so that means he can also beat up Lopez via knock out. Why not? I've also seen Lopez's knockdown twice against Bernabe Concepcion and Salido. Donaire just need to maintain his quickness when he go up to 126lbs and that's it.

but still this will be soon to happen
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