Sunday, May 8, 2011

PACQUIAO vs MOSLEY "what is the ending?"

this fight will be epic - both are fast and strong - this is the best technical fighter that Pacman is taking on - with their come forward attack mode boxing some one will get caught - if Mosely wants to win he has to fight smart and disciplined

if Mosely goes after him uncontrolled it will end in disaster - he should just test Pacmans speed and power in the first round and then proceed - if he thinks he can handle his speed he should fight him in the middle of the ring where he can use his height and reach and should readily use his jam to keep Pacman off - Defense is very important - if Mosely gets caught its okay to hold its part of boxing - i see alot of boxers that dont know how to hold and just keep getting pounded - if he has to he should go back and regroup - i dont care what other people say Mosely has a great channce of winning this fight - I know he is not underestimating Pacman and he is ready for a rough fight - Manny Paquiao is the best fighter and this will be a war