Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's maybe 10 pm and I can still remember
those lights that I saw last December
they change their color like your lips
and I still blinded by my grounded grips
with you that I always dream in'
and I can't stop it cause I do believing
that you will come someday
and re leave the pains of the last Sunday
that the moon and stars will see
How great that time could be
that no one else can provide
those ice creams and cakes that I divide
haha this is my first poem
and I truly don't have an exact topic for this
I just saying what's comes to my mind
and I will surely blog this tomorrow
I hope blogger will not be unable
so that I can share this in twitter people
How I wish this blog will belong in the trend list
so they can see how nice it be haha (Just a wish)
This night is so silent
I only hearing the sound of a electric fan
that can't be notice by a noisy Justin Bieber fan
I don't know what would I write this time
so I will just describe what I'm doing
I'm now lying in my bed and feet on top
and I looking in my rooms' posters
I see Angel Locsin posting up her back
in a delayed calendar right at my door
that's it, I'll gonna stop it here.
sorry for ungrateful sayings of me
next time I promise I'll gonna have a topic
bye. good night.