Sunday, October 23, 2011

Donaire won and not a KO

Ok I expected Nonito to win, I expect him to win a KO. but his opponent Narvaez didn't want to have the fight worth it. I read some articles saying that some audience didn't wait the proclamation of the result.

Ow Donaire is a big star now, why? because this is the first time that Michael Buffer introduce his fight having the tagline "Thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world" punch me if I'm wrong!.

Another thing that I've noticed or heard is the commentator says that this is the last fight of Donaire in Bantamweight gusto ko yan!!!. bakit? Because there's no remaining big names in that weight class. Ronnie Nathanielsz also says that Juan Manuel Lopez is watching the fight at ring side.

Lopez watching his future rival in the Featherweight class and I just wish that Lopez will not go up to the lightweight.

Sorry the background music didn't fit to this post lol. btw congratulations Nonito Donaire! Pinoy pride.